A) Noise Survey


A) Mechanical and Structural Survey

Noise and Vibration Control system design of :
a. Building ACMV system, pumping system;
b. Manufacturing plant and machineries;
c. Construction site equipment and machineries.

B) Machinery Evaluation and E&M Project Manager
  • Cost evaluation for machinery.
  • Cargo survey.
  • Consultancy service to hotel operation, on hotel service, engineering operation. maintenance, repairs and modificatons in Hong Kong.
  • Project Management for electrical and mechanical engineering of new building hotel in P.R.C.
  • Design of steam and HVAC plant layout, preparation of drawings obtaining approval from relevant Government Department

C) Laboratory Testing

  • Environmental Analysis and Impact Studies:
    a. Noise assessment;
    b. Air quality assessment;
    c. Waster water effluence.
  • Exhaust gas analysis from printing lines/combustion system etc.
  • Laboratory Testing for all Chemicals and Industrial products.
  • Toys Testing.
  • Quality Assurance:-
    Give advice on quality standard and requirement, respective regulation of various countries. These include food, beverage, medicine, electrical appliance, food package and various products' packaging requirments in these various countries.
  • Quality Audit.
  • Material Specification Testing.
  • Food and Drug Testing.
  • Product Specification Testing.
  • Water Analysis

D) Safety Consultants

  • Joint forum of "Construction Safety" with Student Union of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and labour Department of Guangzhou Province in 1997.
E) Motor Survey, includes recovery claims handing

F) Loss Adjuster

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