The company is now fully supported by a team of professionally well qualified personnel with extensive and qppropriate experience in various fields. Following resumes indicate that the team members are qualified and suitably qualified and experienced people for the works :

List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works under 'Survey of Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gears' category of Works Bureau in 25th January, 1999.

Principal Consultant

  • Doctor of Philosophy (UK)
  • Master of Science (Canada)
Principal Surveyor
  • Chartered Engineer. U.K.
  • Fellow of Institution of Marine Engineer, U.K.
  • Fellow of Institution of mechanical Engineers
  • Member of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
  • Member of The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers & Ship Surveyors
  • Member of The American Surveyors of Mechanical Engineers
  • Member of The Institution of Petroleum
  • Fellow of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  • Registered Professional Engineer (Gas and Mechanical)
  • Member of The Institution of Gas Engineers, U.K.
  • DTI Combined Extra First Class Engineer (Steam & Motor)
  • Registered Electrical Contractor
  • Holder of HO and CO REW Certification
  • Competent Person for Class 1 & 2 under HK Gas Safety Ordinance
  • Hong Kong Government Appointed Boiler Inspector
  • Hong Kong Government Appointed Air Receiver Inspector
  • List of Local Noise Control Consultancy Services in A Practical Guide for the Reduction of Industrial Noise of EPD.

Marine and Engineering Surveyors

  • Registered Professional Marine Engineer
  • Registered Professional Structural Engineer
  • Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer
  • Chartered Engineer, U.K.
  • Master Mariner, MNI

Laboratory Testing

  • Member of American Standard Testing and Materials
  • Member of American Official Analytical Chemist
  • Member of Association of Water Technology

Cleaning Services and Pest Control

  • Authorised Cleaning Contractor of some private property management company.
  • Expert in Office Cleaning and Pest Control.
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